Monday, May 12, 2014

"end of the year" topic idea: Human Factors psychology

Sometimes toward the end of the year, I had time in my AP and non-AP psych classes to dive into some topics we didn't talk much about during the "march" through the curriculum. If you're in the same boat and hive time for some "enrichment" stuff, Human Factors research might be a great topic. Resources listed below.
 Eyes in the Aisles: Why is Cap’n Crunch Looking Down at My Child?
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posted by Rob McEntarffer


Ronald G. Shapiro, PhD said...


Thank you for recommending the Human Factors topic.

Don Norman's Psychology of Everyday Things (also titled The Design of Everyday Things) would be an interesting reading assignment. Book can be read in a few hours.

Also, thank you for mentioning me. If I can be of help to teachers I'd be pleased to speak on the phone and/or bring one of my programs such as Games to Explain Human Factors: Come, Participate, Learn & Have Fun!!! or Using Psychology Games and Activities of Yesteryear to Prepare For Our Future to their classroom.


Tim Pettine said...

I used this example:

with my AP kids earlier in the year to discuss Human Factors Psych. It is a great topic for further enrichment and beyond that it is a relevant, 21st century career path. I mean everyone wants smarter design and ergonomic form/function.