Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Phineas Gage--What Really Happened?

Phineas Gage is the most well-known neuroscience patient in history.  Teachers of all topics like to trot out his picture and talk about his accident when the explosion drove the tamping iron through his skull. After that, he survived, but, as was indicated in the early Psychology/Brain videos, "Gage was no longer Gage."  I enjoyed reading the author's examination of the early press accounts and how the stories about Gage changed throughout time.  There is also a great deal of context added that many of us have not read about,

Today, printed an extended essay discussing the history of the stories about Gage and how they have changed through the years, perhaps being influenced by neuroscientists personal preconceptions.  It is a fascinating read and possibly a great one for this post-AP exam time for those students who love both psychology and history.

The Slate link:

This photos below are ones I had not seen before.

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