Thursday, May 8, 2014

Time for class pictures

I've really enjoyed seeing pictures of the psychology classes many people have been posting on Twitter, so I thought I would collect them here. If you'd like to add a photo of your group, sent them to me ( and I'll add them in a future post. (Apologies to those with multiple class photos - I just randomly selected one to represent you.)   -- Steve

The class of Isabel Morales, Los Angeles High School of the Arts, Los Angeles CA

The class of Amy Mahmaljy, Universal Academy of Florida, Tampa FL

The class of Daria Schaffeld, Prospect High School, Mt. Prospect IL

The class of Amy Ramponi, Kimberly High School, Kimberly WI
The class of Becky Magee, Crown Point High School, Crown Point IN 
The class of Steve Jones, City of Medicine Academy, Durham NC

--posted by Steve


Elizabeth White said...

Any idea where I can buy a giant stuffed brain like the one in that picture?

Chuck Schallhorn said...

I think this is a link to purchase the inflatable brain