Monday, September 14, 2015

Love in an fMRI

Happy Monday, everyone! Amy here...and I'm knee-deep into Biological Basis of Behavior. My online PLN is constantly sharing videos that I use in class and absolutely love...and this one is no exception.

The video is a short, 15 minute documentary called "The Love Competition" and it documents people loving as hard as they can while inside an fMRI machine. The link can be found here

The video is great for the "awe" factor (no spoilers here,  you gotta watch it) and because it is great for showing students the components of an fMRI and how it differs from a PET, CT, or MRI scan.

I've showed this in past years and my kids think it is just the best.

- Posted by Amy Ramponi


Ms. Shaver said...

Just watched this - great find Amy!! Thanks for sharing. I am excited to show this to my class!

Jason Knowles said...

"Loving as hard as they can..." had me worried for a second. I teach in a place that makes the town from Footloose look like San Francisco. :-)

Erin Simcik said...

This is great, thanks for sharing!

mariavita said...

Yes, thanks for sharing Amy. As someone suggested on the "AP Psych Facebook page" - I encouraged students to predict who they think would win - very fun!!