Monday, February 16, 2015

Concise list of Brain Myths

 It's not hard to find stuff about "Brain Myths" in textbooks or on the web, but this list of 5 myths from Scientific American is one of the most concise/clear lists I've seen. Myths covered:

Five Common Myths about the Brain

  • Humans use only 10% of their braim
  • "Left/Right" brain people differ
  • You must speak one language before learning another
  • Male/Female brains differ in ways that dictate learning abilities
  • Each child has a particular learning style
This quote at the end is a good caution to keep in mind whenever anyone invokes brain research to make an assertion about learning: “There is huge demand by the general public to have information about neuroscience for education. As a consequence, there's an enormous supply of totally untested, untried and not very scientific methods.”

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