Monday, February 9, 2015

Highlighting Psychology Teachers-Jennifer Schlicht

This is the first in what I hope is a series of highlighting teachers and their contributions to the teaching of psychology across the nation/world.

Our first teacher is Jennifer Schlicht of Olathe High School in Olathe, Kansas near Kansas City. She has been teaching for sixteen years, the past ten in Psychology and Advanced Placement Psychology. She has also taught Cross-Cultural Connections and Seventh Grade Social Studies (that should earn her a medal, IMO).

Professionally, Jennifer has created a blog to make connections between psychology and popular culture. She finds clips on YouTube, embeds them into her blog and posts to share with her students. She now gets to share them with you--they are at this address: She began the blog to keep track of the clips she found.  I'm glad she did--there are some wonderful ones there.

Jennifer is also an active Twitter user with the handle of @Jenslish (  She is one of the creators and coordinators of #psychat, a weekly professional development conversation to bring together various experts and teachers via Twitter.  While I cannot make it every week, I have been able to enjoy a few sessions where I have both led and participated--it's great fun.

Jennifer is also the NCSS Psychology Community Co-Chair, so she is making inroads into an organization that has been primarily geared toward history, geography, and civics teachers.

One of her beliefs about people and life is that the more you know, the funnier it is.  That is why I am rarely bored.  I know what is going on (or make something up)

Jennifer is looking for more people to participate in #psychat.  She loves her dogs and is looking forward to using her new pup in the learning unit

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