Thursday, February 12, 2009

Frozen at Grand Central Station

This is a fantastic video clip I found last year of over 200 people freezing for five minutes at Grand Central Station. The crowd reaction is amazing. While I love the clip, I have yet to find a good spot within the Social Psychology unit to put it. Any suggestions??? Please click the comment button below to leave your thoughts.

The full 2 minute video can be found at a number of sites including:

For similar videos go to the Improv Everywhere website and look through the Mission Highlights section. Before showing any of these clips to your classes, please make sure you preview them as some include some inappropriate segments. Please contact me if you find other clips worthy of classroom use and we can post them on this blog.

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Steve said...

I love the one that students at UNC did in December 2008 - a flash mob/rave in the main library at 11 pm during finals week. Students set it up through Facebook and the whole thing lasted eight minutes. See the 4+ minute version of it here: