Thursday, October 1, 2009

"Executive Function", self-control and kiddos

This recent article in the NYT about "Executive Function" helped me make some connections between topics in intro. psych. The article discusses efforts in classrooms to help students with self-control and links this ability with the development of "executive function" (cognitive psych concept that I'm not sure is in most intro. textbooks yet?)

One of my favorite activities demonstrates executive function very dramatically - "Baddeley's Three Systems of Working Memory" . Next time I do this demo, I'll be able to talk about the connection between executive function and self-control.

A good topic for students might be connecting all this with the famous "Marshmallow Test" about deferred gratification, or even Skinner's proposal to hang lollipop's around children's necks and reward them for NOT eating the candy.


somethinggory said...

Can you please send me the link associated with the demo for Baddeley and Hitch? The current one will not work.

somethinggory said...

Can you please send me the link to your Baddeley and Hitch Demo as the current one doesn't work?