Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Organizational Tool for the THSP Blog

First, I must apologize for the random emails for those of you who subscribe.  I was in the process of adding and editing tags to all 300+ of our posts to make it more friendly and organized for those of us who teach Advanced Placement Psychology.  I hit the wrong keys/clicked the wrong button a few times.

This new format will make it easy to search the blog for resources for a certain unit--one click and you can have access to all of them, regardless of the topic.  The new format and list is in the left-hand column for ease of use. 

Our new tabs look like this:
01 History and Approaches
02 Research Methods
03 Biological Bases of Behavior
04 Sensation and Perception
05 States of Consciousness
06 Learning
07 Cognition (includes memory)
08 Motivation and Emotion (includes health, stress, coping, and sexuality)
09 Developmental Psychology
10 Personality
11 Testing and Personality Differences (includes intelligence)
12 Abnormal Psychology
13 Treatment of Psychological Disorders
14 Social Psychology

You can still search the blog for specific topics, but this overall format should help streamline finding resources by topic.  Please feel free to share any feedback about this or any other changes.


Peggy said...

Thanks so much for the new organizational tool! As a 2nd year AP Psych teacher, I'm still learning a great deal. I depend on your blog and resources to help round out my lessons. This will be very helpful! Thank you, thank you!

Anonymous said...

This is wonderful! I love this site. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Roscoe said...

Hello, I am going to start teaching high school psychology and need help with making preparations and what exactly to expect from these little ones. I start early September and need the best material out there. Please guide me!!