Wednesday, August 25, 2010

TV alert: Secrets of Your Mind

 A belated thanks to Nancy F for finding this one: ABC's Nightline is in the middle of a four-part series called Secrets of Your Mind airing Thursdays at 10pm ET/9pm CT. Last week's focus was Love, this week's is Violence, and the next two weeks are Trauma and Hunger. While they don't appear to offer the entire episodes online, it looks like you can view a number of clips from each episode.

If you have seen this program or can watch this week, please offer a review in the comments!
-- posted by Steve


Anonymous said...

While I haven't seen the first episode yet, I know the entire episode can be viewed on Hulu.

Steve said...

Excellent - thanks so much! I was surprised it wasn't on ABC's site and I'm pleased to see it's available somewhere.

Anonymous said...

you can also go to the ABC store and buy the videos for $30/each