Monday, November 15, 2010

Hidden Meanings in Popular Logos

Just discovered a blog site called "Wallet Pop" while looking for some visual illusions in popular culture.  That was when I ran across this beauty: Hidden Meanings in Popular Logos on

This site also explains why the logos are special.  I claim no ownership of this idea, but am happy to share their collection of images that I know your kids will find fascinating.  In the Fed Ex logo, there is an arrow in the ground of the Ex figure. 

In this next image, the Big Ten created an "11" in the ground when they added Penn State. I've looked at that logo all my life and never noticed it.  Hmmmmmmm

I will be posting more illusion sites this week that have flown below our radar.

Posted by Chuck Schallhorn


Mr. Donner said...

Your link is not working

I found a similiar website last year during the sensation/perception unit.

Anonymous said...

I am new to your blog and to teaching AP Psych. THANK YOU SO MUCH! ~Becky, FL

Chuck Schallhorn said...

Thanks for the heads-up--the link should be fixed now. Also, great ad to the post--I love the additional link.