Monday, June 27, 2011

2011 Bellevue AP Psychology Workshop!

I am working with 24 wonderful current and future AP Psychology teachers at the 2011 15th Annual Pacific Northwest AP institute in Bellevue, WA! Tomorrow (Tuesday June 28th) one of the activities is looking through this blog as a resource. If any of you out there have suggestions, ideas, well-wishes, etc. for this group of teachers, please add them in the comments! I'll post an update in the comments after we do the blog activity.

posted by Rob McEntarffer


Rob Mc said...

Some sites of interest to check out, besides this one:
AP Central
A post on this site all new Psych teachers should look at (incl. list serv info)

Peter said...

These teachers are working so hard!!! :)

Rob Mc said...

Agreed Peter, agreed!

Steve Jones said...

Let's get a picture of this fine group up on the blog!

Rob McEntarffer said...

Update! Back at Bellevue in 2012! I'll try to take a picture of this fine group this year! Great teachers, having a great week.