Monday, August 8, 2011

AP Teaching Tips by Kristin Whitlock

Have you ever driven the same route for a long time and, out of the blue, noticed something that you've never noticed before?  That happened to me earlier this summer when I was checking out some of our previous posts.  A mention was made of a document by our very own Kristin Whitlock called "Teaching Tips or Teachers Guide," depending upon the site name or the document name.  It is a reference document on the AP Central site of the College Board.  Go to the AP Psychology Page for a full listing of materials that are free for the taking.  Somehow I had missed it the past couple of years--but now it is within my awareness.

The Teaching Tips document is a rich repository of items that will make your AP Psych course better. Among other things, there is a history of the AP Psych course and exam, choosing a textbook, working with parents, getting students to read the text, numerous activities, how to write the free response questions, eight sample syllabi (which include pacing and ordering possibilities), the exam format, what to do with students to prepare well and what to do with them afterwards.  The document also includes additional resources.  In other words, it's a gem.

Take some time to examine the document (1.6MB .pdf download).  I highly recommend it before you complete your planning for 2011-2012.

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