Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Research invitation from David Eagleman

We've posted about David Eagleman before(and here). He's a skilled neuroscience writer/researcher who has a knack for finding fascinating consciousness issues and writing/talking about them in compelling and understandable ways.

He posted an invitation on Twitter this morning: "Do you hate the sound of certain words? This may be a form of synesthesia. Pls participate in our 5 min survey:"

I haven't followed the link through to the research yet (I'll have to do it at home) but if any of you out there have time to take the test, please comment about your experiences here! Might be an opportunity to get students involved in research in an easy and engaging way?

posted by Rob McEntarffer


Steve Jones said...

Nice find, Rob! I took the test and survived unscathed. Also, there was a nice interview with Eagleman on Boing Boing today.

mvita said...

Thanks for posting. I will share this with students!

I felt I responded to the words' meaning rather than a general feeling I got from the word. Not sure if that's what someone with synesthesia would do?