Monday, July 29, 2013

Highlights from psychology presentations at the AP conference

(Sorry! This terrible picture is the only one I managed to take!  --Steve)
AP Psychology was well represented at this year's AP Annual Conference in Las Vegas. Here are the links to most of the presentations (still waiting on Kimberly's, and will update this post when I get it). As you know, they're called presentations for a reason - that is, I imagine that some of you might be a little puzzled by some parts of some presentations (including my own) because you weren't there for the "presenting" of the information verbally. Regardless, I hope you will contact the presenters directly if you have questions!

Steve Jones - This is Your Brain Online: Using Interactive Sites to Teach the Brain (PDF)
Amy Fineburg - Flipping the AP Psychology Classroom: Strategies for Active Learning
Michael Munson - Using Research to Illustrate Principles of Social Psychology (PDF)
Rob McEntarffer - Does That Psychology Demonstration Really Work? - slides and handout
Kimberly Patterson - Staying Positive About Teaching Biological Psychology

If you would like to present at or attend the 2014 conference on July 11 & 12 in Philadelphia, start thinking about it now! The 2014 call for proposals is here and the deadline is October 18. Do it now since you'll no doubt be busy when mid-October rolls around.

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