Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Say hello to a promising new blog

I was delighted yesterday to learn about a new psychology blog that THSP readers will LOVE. Books for Psychology Class is the brainchild of two amazing high school psychology teachers, Nancy Fenton and Laura Brandt, and here is the introduction they posted:
Welcome to the Books for Psychology Class Blog. The goal of this Blog is to share books that would be useful in an introductory Psychology class for both instructors and students.  We encourage anyone who is interested to submit reviews of books they would recommend, please e-mail us at lbrandt@d125.org or nfenton@d125.org.
They are off to a terrific start for me already, featuring one book I've read (Quiet) and two that are on my reading list (Behind the Shock Machine and David and Goliath). Let's here it for more quality places to share information for psychology teachers.

Well done, Laura and Nancy!
--posted by Steve

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