Monday, February 10, 2014

Online AP Psychology practice exam from Barron's - and it's FREE

Here's a pre-AP Psych test present for you all: A colleague (the great and powerful Allyson Weseley, AP Psych teacher extraordinaire from NY) and I authored an online AP Psychology practice exam, and it's free!

It's from Barron's Education series, and we think it's a good representation of the kinds of items students will see on the actual AP test.
Barron's did a good job with the interface: students can choose a "practice" or a "timed" mode, and the web site seems to work well. We are asking them to add one feature: a "diagnostic" mode that would provide students feedback about what units they are "strong" or "weak" in.

Please send us feedback on the exam - we may have a chance to improve it in the future. Happy practicing!

Barron's Online AP Psychology Practice Exam

posted by Rob McEntarffer


Nancy Diehl said...

Thanks for your work and for sharing it, looking forward to using the practice test for/with students!

Natalie said...

Hey Rob,
Good job.This sounds excellent.I would like to use it in my classroom to get an exact feedback in my subject.Thanks for sharing.

Mr. Naughton said...

Thanks for this Rob