Friday, April 10, 2015

Brain Games Episode Guides-One Document

Brain Games is our new favorite series in my classroom. My TAs watched all the episodes and did their best to identify the seasons, episode titles, and concepts mentioned. I am certain there are errors or omissions, but neither student has had AP Psych.

I finally had the chance to put the seasons together into one document. Click here for the Word document.

Season One
1.1 Pay Attention
1.2 Watch This!
1.3 Remember This!

Season Two
2.1 Focus Pocus
2.2 It's About Time
2.3 Motion Commotion
2.4 Don't Be Afraid
2.5 Power of Persuasion
2.6 What You Don't Know
2.7 Battle of the Sexes
2.8 Seeing is Believing
2.9 You Decide
2.10 Use It or Lose It
2.11 Illusion Confusion
2.12 Liar Liar!

Season Three
3.1 Battle of the Ages
3.2 In Living Color
3.3 Laws of Attraction
3.4 Trust Me
3.5 Stress Test
3.6 What's Going on?
3.7 In Living Color
3.8 Mind Your Body
3.9 Follow the Leader
Bonus: Brain Games DIY

Season 4
4.1 Compassion
4.2 Addiction
4.3 Language
4.4 Risk
4.5 Battle of the Sexes 2
4.6 Superstitions
4.7 Food
4.8 Anger
4.9 Patterns
4.10 Intuition
Bonus: Digital Extras

If you want to purchase the DVDs, you can find them here:

You can buy Season 5 on video on demand now with Amazon Video or order the DVDs later when they are released.

posted by Chuck Schallhorn


Kwizgiver said...

This is great--thank you and your TAs!

Mrs. Fred said...

Thank you for sharing this! My students enjoy when we're able to integrate episodes to class. It's opens the door for us to go deeper into the concepts they introduce and demo.