Wednesday, August 5, 2015

APAC psychology presentations

Unlike most of you, my school year begins tomorrow, and so my chance to do an amazing play-by-play post about the AP Annual Conference last month in Austin has vanished, just like those carefree days of summer. Alas.
Maria Vita and Virginia Welle
So I'm simply going to tell you that it was Amazing, Awe-inspiring, and Affirming to be in one place with such great colleagues. I know that these conferences are expensive and travel is challenging, but it's a terrific way to get top-notch professional development. Start bugging your principals now about how you can get funds to attend next year's conference in Anaheim or the 2017 conference in DC.

Charlie Blair-Broeker and Randy Ernst
Here are links to the presentations shared by psychology teachers. I do not yet have a link to Kimberly Patterson's presentation, but will add it when I do. (NOTE: each of these is a visual accompaniment to a PRESENTATION - so some/many of the slides may not make sense on their own. Please contact the presenters directly if you have questions!)

Participants doing an activity, with Kimberly Patterson (far right)

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