Monday, February 22, 2016


Do any of you play "Quiz Up?" My 14 year old introduced me to it a while ago. She loves it (and is VERY proud of her rankings). When I play I get a bit stressed - opponents answer FAST!

I think this news has been shared in other places (the AP Psych facebook group maybe? or #psychat on Twitter?), but in case you didn't know: there is a "Quiz Up" group for AP Psychology! After you make an account, search for "AP Psychology" in the box at the top and you should see two results. One of them is more popular than the other (the one created by Michael Sandler).

AP Psychology on QuizUp
The questions I've seen are good so far, given the limitations of the system (you can only have 4 possible responses, and they can't be long). If you play, please comment below so that can all compete and brag! :)

There is also a very large , general "AP Challenge" group students might be interested in. Questions come from any AP subject (I learned a lot playing it!) 

posted by Rob McEntarffer

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