Monday, March 21, 2016

Help for Will Elmhorst's family

This blog post isn't going to be the most cheerful post ever, but it might be one of the more important ones.

Many readers of this blog might already know Wil Elmhorst - Psych teacher, author, friend of all high school psych. teachers, and really good guy. Below is a message from Daria Schaffeld - if you can help Wil's family, I know he'd appreciate it.

"This weekend I was contacted by Kent Korek and was asked to spread some sad news about Wil Elmhorst, psychology teacher at Marshfield High School.  Wil has quietly touched all of our careers through his work with TOPSS, as a textbook author, co-founder of COWTOPSS, AP Reader and mentor.
Wil and his family could use our help.  Will's 26 year-old son, who is a teacher in China, is facing a terrible health crisis. This past Tuesday, the doctors found two brain tumors and he has bleeding on the brain. His chances of survival are slim. A Go Fund Me campaign has been started for travel expenses and the $30,000 upfront fee the hospital requires to do the surgery.
Please follow the link to see more of Noah's story and a picture of him with his new wife. Every little bit will help.

Hope for Noah? 

As always, please feel free to contact me if I can every be of assistance. Take care and thank you for considering,"

posted by Rob McEntarffer

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Amy Ramponi said...

Update! Noah is HOME from China and it receiving medical treatment here in the USA.Hurrah! Best wishes to all the Elmhorsts!