Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Hyperdocs for Myers for AP 2e

Many/most textbooks are organized using the chapter principle. This can work well for teachers at the college level but does not always work well for teachers at the high school level, especially those of us who teach Advanced Placement Psychology. The textbook I use is the Worth Publishing text written by Dr. David Myers, Psychology for AP, 2nd Edition. At my school, all the students have Chromebooks, so we are 1:1 and I have my students complete much of their work digitally.

The Myers text and it is divided into units that reflect the content of the College Board. Each unit is subdivided into Modules (referred to in the chart below by M and a number). Below are the hyperdocs I created during the 2016-17 school year. Please keep in mind that these are not perfect and reflect my emphases of the content I deemed important at the time. I am continually updating my documents and most of these can be used as is. I encourage editing and modification for your own classes.

I limited the hyperdoc formatting to two columns--it is visually easier for me to read/review the content. Not all of these are complete with everything I want to create within each unit--Unit 14 is a great example--the focus there is on vocabulary only--I will be adding quite a bit to this doc for this upcoming year.

You will also notice that the units that occurred early in the year do not yet have hyperdocs. As I work on them at the end of this summer, I will place the links here.

Many of the docs also contain direct links to where I have all my course videos--it is a pay site, but my students are able to access my videos at no cost.

Unit 1--History and Perspectives of Psychology
No formal hyperdoc for the readings--last unit of the year-lots of in-class activities rather than book work

Unit 2--Research Methods
No formal hyperdoc for the readings--early in the year

Unit 3--Biological Bases of Behavior
No formal hyperdoc for the readings--early in the year
Brain Internet Search and Discover

Unit 4--Sensation and Perception
No formal hyperdoc for the readings--early in the year
Visual Perception Activities

Unit 5--States of Consciousness
Mods 22-25--entire unit

Unit 6--Learning
No formal hyperdoc for the readings--early in the year
CC processes doc
CC Practice doc
Learning Scenarios

Unit 7-Cognition and Memory
no formal hyperdoc--was the first unit of the course

Unit 8--Motivation and Emotion

Unit 9--Human Development

Unit 10--Personality Theories

Unit 11--Testing and Individual Differences

Unit 12--Disorders
Personality Disorders and Case Studies
Abnormal Behavior Overview Doc--source unknown--if it is yours, let me know and I will credit you.
DSM 5 Chart

Unit 13--Treatment
M70-73 chart to fill in--not exactly a hyperdoc

Unit 14--Social Psychology
No formal hyperdoc for the readings--early in the year
M74-76 Vocabulary Work
M77-80 Vocabulary Work

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Kwizgiver said...

Thank you for sharing! This will help me tremendously.

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Do you have a link to a google folder with these?

Chuck Schallhorn said...

Nicolas, I do. Here you go.