Sunday, October 22, 2017

Hyperdocs for Myers for AP, 2nd Edition

Hi All.

I posted last spring some of the hyperdocs I had created for the Myers for AP text. I have been creating more as this year has progressed. I thought I would just share the folder rather than specific links. It just seemed easier.

As I am posting this, I am working on the Sensation and Perception Unit. Just finished Module 16.  I still need to make some title edits for better organization, but you get the idea.

Link for Google Drive Folder to access and MAKE COPIES of the documents--you will almost certainly want to make edits--additions and subtractions. I will not be granting anyone access to edit, so don't even bother asking--lol. Your request will be ignored--make a copy to edit.

Enjoy and I hope they help you out.


posted by Chuck Schallhorn


Todd Nelson said...

Thank you, Chuck! Much appreciated here in Vietnam.

Chuck Schallhorn said...

Hey Todd. You are quite welcome.

Amy Buckingham said...

THANK YOU so much for sharing your hard work!!!! Awesome ideas, and a great motivator for me to try some blended classroom learning. I appreciate you!!!!!!!