Monday, November 27, 2017

The Five-Sided Flashcard

Recently, Dr. Linda Woolf shared an idea I was unfamiliar with, so I looked it up.

Dr. Mitch Handelsman, "The Ethical Professor," wrote about the five-sided flashcard in a post for Psychology today.

The short version is that these are the five sides:

  1. term or concept
  2. definition
  3. example, picture, or story
  4. similarities to other terms or concepts
  5. differences from other terms or concepts

In short, this is a handy way to think about effortful processing or deep processing, depending on which term you prefer (unless I can be corrected). Try it out and see if it can help your students become better learners.

posted by Chuck Schallhorn


Ann Coates said...

Love the Five Sided Flashcard! Here's a blog post I wrote and a sample of how I integrated technology with it. :)

Pacey said...

Could you post a visual of this? I am having a hard time visualizing how it all fits.