Sunday, December 10, 2017

PsychSessions: Podcast

Back in October, the first of nine episodes of the PsychSessions podcast came out. At the time, I was coaching and had no time to listen. I was able to listen to two of the episodes this week and am impressed. Perhaps I am biased because I know the people interviewing and being interviewed, but I found the discussions with Randy Ernst and Elizabeth Yost Hammer engaging, entertaining, and educational. The interviews are informal and examine educational and psychological topics as well as delve into the personal experiences of the interviewees. For me, those are the most fascinating parts--they share stories about the histories of organizations they've been a huge part of and their own lives.

Psychsessions has a website for the podcast here.
Link for Apple Podcast

From the website:
This podcast, co-hosted by Garth Neufeld and Eric Landrum, is about the teaching of psychology. We leverage our connections with top psychology educators as well as up-and-coming superstars to have deep conversations about what it means to be a teacher of psychology. Of course we veer away from the teaching conversation from time to time to hear about origin stories and the personal perspectives of our guests.

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