Monday, March 5, 2018

Psi Alpha--Possible New HS Psychology Honor Society

From the Psi Beta National Honor Society in Psychology for Community College Students March 3, 2018

This letter is from Jerry Rudmann, PhD
Executive Director Psi Beta 


This is a special message to America's teachers of high school psychology. I am pleased to announce Psi Beta’s decision to launch a high school honor society. “Psi Alpha” (the tentative name) will serve talented high school students having an interest in psychology. Moreover, Psi Alpha will support quality psychological science education, be a resource for teachers of high school psychology, and help inform high ability high school students about career options in psychology.

Building on 35 years of success in serving America’s talented community college students, Psi Beta has the resources necessary to facilitate Psi Alpha’s development. That said, teachers of high school psychology will be critical to Psi Alpha’s development and allocation of instructional resources. If you are one of America’s teachers of high school psychology, please indicate your interest and availability to assist in development of Psi Alpha.

Please use this link to access and complete a very brief interest form.

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