Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Quasi curriculum maps

Anyone else out there interested in curriculum maps? I like the versions (and the process) described by Wiggins and McTighe in Understanding by Design. I took a shot at designing some curriculum maps for a workshop I did. They are definitely not complete (not in the ways Wiggins and McTighe describe them) but maybe they will be of use to someone out there. Comments? Suggestions? Anyone want to work on something like this together on a wiki?

Methods quasi-curriculum map

History and Approaches quasi-curriculum map


Mr. B said...

I'd love to work on this with you, and others. I've done a couple for my World History curriculum and they are certainly helpful. How would we set this up?

Rob Mc said...

Hmm. I'll ask Chuck and Steve and Kent for advice - they are much more "Web 2.0" aware than I am :) Maybe they can advise us about some "wiki space" where we can both work on this? Or maybe google docs would work. Hmm. You know any web-wizards who could advise us?