Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sim Daltonism - Color Blindness Simulation

The name of this program is a complete mystery to me, but its a VERY slick little color blindness simulation program. Many websites provide still pictures (or videos) that try to show the impact of color blindness, but this program simulates color blindness with anything on your screen (with adjustments for different kinds of color blindness). Might also be useful to some student research projects investigating the impact of color changes on perception of still images, videos, etc.?

Sim Daltonism download site: http://michelf.com/projects/sim-daltonism/

posted by Rob McEntarffer


Dr. Deb said...

Great stuff here.

ctorg said...

Love it and have sent the link off to my students! Being able to control the visualization is great.

suneila said...

colorblindness should be detected in childhood to prevent future problems in the child, the level of socialization, or even learning, but to do so and need to study this phenomenon in order to understand these children, and for that, nothing better than to see the colors the same way as the colorblind.

I liked the post