Sunday, October 3, 2010

Great pictures via Wellcome Images

Fingers on the brain - Close up photograph of the gyri and sulci of a human brain overlayed with an image of the artists fingers.

A tweet by neuroscientist turned writer Mo Constandi (@mocost) drew my attention to Wellcome Images, an amazing collection of historical illustrations and modern medical images that are available to be used in classrooms for free as part of a Creative Commons license. I'll post a few images here, but believe me when I say there are hundreds of others that are amazing.    -- posted by Steve

Neurons in the brain - illustration
Hair cell of inner ear, via electron microscope

The gyri of the thinker's brain as a maze of choices in biomedical ethics.

 The Brain: The Cerebral Cortex (1537)

Tissue from the thalamus stained with antibodies to receptors for orexin (stained red).
Orexins are peptide hormones that help keep us awake and alert, and may also stimulate the appetite.

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For those of you who like old asylum photos (as I do) there are hundreds here at the same site.