Saturday, March 12, 2011

Powerpoints made easier!

I've finally decided that I need to get with the program and switch over from the arachic overhead projector to power point presentations! I'm taking it slow and just transitioning a few of my lectures at a time. I've been looking for a source of images that I can use in my powerpoints and would like to share a very helpful site. Worth publishing has a library of images from the many textbooks they publish that is available for free! You can search for images by topic or by chapter. To access the "Image and Lecture Gallery" go to:

Kristin H. Whitlock

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Rob Mc said...

Cool resource Kristin! I bet you'll like the .ppt files when you're done. I've been experimenting with Google Presentation tool and I like it so far: Makes files similar to .ppt, but stores them online and they are easy to share.