Friday, April 15, 2011

Freud's couch featured on The Amazing Race

If you are a fan of the CBS show The Amazing Race like I am you probably already know this, but if not, here's some news: this Sunday's episode has the teams traveling to Vienna, Austria.As in every episode, the duos will be required to do tasks that are unique to that locale, and this episode features Sigmund Freud! As you can see from the preview above (or if it does not load, go here) the teams are required to carry a couch like Freud's down the street and at least suffers a "Freudian slip"!
--posted by Steve
(who was probably the only person in the US jumping up and down in his living room last week at the end of the previous episode, when they showed "scenes from next week," yelling "they're carrying Freud's couch!")


Inna said...

Not the only one, trust me!

Katherine said...

I was pretty excited also!! However, the true Freud museum is located in London. I was in Vienna 2 summers ago and visited Freud's office and discovered that Anna moved most of his items to London.