Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Cognitive Dissonance song debut!

For the first time on any blog (I think) AP Psychology teacher Brad Wray is debuting his new video "Cognitive Dissonance (Dissonant & Justified)." You may remember that Mr. Wray's hit song about cognitive bias was featured here just before the AP Psych exam last May, and he's back with another. I hope that all of you teachers and students who are doing some last minute reviewing this weekend will take a few minutes to enjoy his new song, this time complete with some awesome drawings and an MP3 remix!

  --posted by Steve Jones


Maurintius said...

Nice work, great song.

Thanks for putting this together!


Rob Mc said...

Brilliant! Very, very well done. My favorite line: "Screw this, I'll just go have a peach"

Rob Mc said...

Brad's classical conditioning song: