Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Cognitive Bias Song!

Nice! This song (above) was created by a real-life AP Psychology teacher and hit the trifecta today of being featured on Freakonomics, Boing Boing and was Tweeted by the insanely great @vaughanbell. The teacher is Brad Wray and he teaches at Arundel High School in Gambrills Maryland. Well done Mr. Wray! I've send him an e-mail and hope to post an interview with him soon.

Enjoy as you're reviewing for the AP next week ...
-- Posted by Steve

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Paul said...

This is crazy. I am building a video game on cognitive bias. This song is perfect. Anyway we can use it or get you to do more? I'm not sure if I can make it happen, but if I can I will let you know. Let me know how to reach you. I am in Maryland not far from you. Thanks