Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Teaching Positions

As many of you are painfully aware, there are a large number of school districts across the country laying off staff. In some places hundreds of teachers are being given pink slips.

We here at the Teaching High School Psychology Blog would like to do what we can to help connect teachers with job openings. If anyone is aware of a teaching posting which includes psychology as part of the assignment, please send the information to Kent Korek at kkorek@germantown.k12.wi.us. I will then post the information on the THSP blog.

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Chuck Schallhorn said...

For California, there is a generic search page for the entire state. That is at: http://edjoin.org/

Most positions that have psych will also be with other social studies courses, so you must use the search terms of "social studies" or social science."

Here is one search:

Also, do not be fooled by the high salaries--it is quite expensive to live here. Contact me off list if you'd like more information about the Central Coast area (San Jose, SF, Monterey, Santa Cruz and Central Valley areas).