Monday, May 3, 2010

MIlwaukee Area Teachers of Psychology Meeting - May 13th

Since 1993, Milwaukee area psychology teachers have gathered twice a year to share teaching ideas and develop friendships. Our group has come to be called the "Milwaukee Area Teachers of Psychology" (MATOP) even though many come from outside the Milwaukee metropolitan area. Below you will find an agenda for our next meeting on May 13th. If you live within driving distance of the Milwaukee area, please feel free to attend. If you would like to be included on the MATOP mailing list please contact me at the email address below.

For those of you not within driving distance of Milwaukee, feel free to "check out" our agenda for items you might find useful in your classroom. Whenever possible, I have tried to include email or website addresses for further information. Please contact me with any questions you may have.

The Milwaukee Area Teachers of Psychology (MATOP) Fall Meeting will be held on Thursday May 13, 2010, 7:00 PM, at Pius XI High School, 135 N. 76th Street, Milwaukee, WI 53213 in the library.

Our agenda includes:
  • an introduction to the brand new Myers' Psychology for AP. David Myers has adapted his popular college textbook used by many AP Psychology teachers to fit the specific needs of Advanced Placement Psychology. Thanks to the generosity of Eileen Tanania, the Bedford, Freeman and Worth representative (866-843-3715 ex 714) we have examination copies for everyone attending our meeting. To learn more go to
  • new information on the Quizlet Flash Card Website ( Recently both Quizlet and MATOP have made some changes to the flash card website.
  • a review of Psychology and the Real World (1st edition) from Worth Publishers Quoting from the Worth website, "Psychology and the Real World: Essays Illustrating Fundamental Contributions to Society is a collection of brief, personal, original essays, ranging in length from 2500 to 3500 words, in which leading academic psychologists describe what their area of research has contributed to society..... The book is unique the world of textbook ancillaries in that it does not reprint writings. Rather, innovative psychological scientists clearly and entertainingly tell readers why their research matters and how their line of inquiry developed. This text would be perfect for a regular high school level class which emphasizes the application of psychology into our lives." Eileen Tanania, the Bedford, Freeman and Worth representative (866-843-3715 ex 714) has sent enough copies for everyone coming to our meeting. A special thanks to Eileen for sending two major items for our meeting.
  • thoughts about the 2010 AP Psychology free response questions released earlier the afternoon of the MATOP meeting. The FRQs, rubrics, sample responses, etc. from previous years can be found at
  • discussing the date change for the AP Psychology Exam and the ramifications. For many years the exam has been on Tuesday of the second week of testing (i.e. May 11 in 2010). In 2011 the AP Psychology Exam will move to Monday of the first week of testing (May 2) which for many will be the day back from Spring Break.
  • discussing the potential of an AP Psychology Quiz Bowl for the spring of 2011. In many cities around the country, AP Psychology students from multiple schools gather in a competition style event. We will determine if interest exists in the Milwaukee area to sponsor such a quiz bowl and discuss what format the event might take.
  • announcing a new regular Psychology textbook. After a short hiatus, Cengage Learning is returning to the high school psychology market with the release of Psychology: A Discovery Experience by Steven Franzoi of Marquette University. Everyone attending our meeting will receive an examination copy of this book thanks to Mary Sommers (608.846.2174) To find out more about this new text, go to
  • activities from PsychKits. Earlier this spring, PsychKits introduced a newly designed set of inversion goggles. These goggles literally "turn the world upside down" for whoever is wearing them. One lucky person will be leaving the meeting with their own set of goggles. More information on PsychKits can be found at
  • plus much more
Everyone is welcome to attend at no charge. There is no need to RSVP. Please feel free to invite anyone you feel might be interested in coming. If you would like to be added to the MATOP email listing, please contact Kent Korek at For directions to Pius High School, 135 N. 76th, Milwaukee, WI 53213 go to Our meetings usually last about two hours.

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