Saturday, May 1, 2010

Psych Week on Discovery Health

Discovery Health is featuring psychology -- or to be more precise, abnormal psychology -- in a series of programs to air May 2 - May 6 that they are calling Psych Week 2010. The program line-up is as follows:

Sunday @ 9 - Anxious (anxiety disorders)
Sunday @ 10 - Enraged (people with uncontrollable anger)
Monday @ 9 - The Woman with Multiple Personalities (dissociative identity disorder)
Tuesday @9 - Born Schizophrenic (featuring the same young girl Oprah interviewed)
Wednesday @9 - My Strange Addiction (addictions)
Thursday @9 - Bipolar Mysteries: Families in Crisis (bipolar disorder)

Also, according to the press release, there is more online: "Online at, visitors can access a comprehensive Mental Health Guide, as well as quizzes, slide shows and Q&A with renowned experts. The site will also feature special blog posts on mental wellness and exclusive video content, including webisodes from select PSYCH WEEK programs."

(Thanks to the multiple posters on the AP Psych list and Nancy F for pointing this out!)

-- posted by Steve

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