Tuesday, May 3, 2011

AP Psych Post-Test Debriefing

As part of my ongoing effort to improve my preparation and teaching and also to assist my students in understanding the rigors of the course, I do a post-test debrief about a week past the AP Exam using a form that is relatively simple.  The main issues are below.  The document itself is linked here.

I've recieved some outstanding suggestions and have incorporated many.  If you do use this idea, I hope it works for you.  Please also add any ideas to supplement the debriefing process.

AP Psychology—Debriefing

The purpose of this form is to help me understand what went right and what can be improved as far as preparation for the AP exam. Please answer the questions honestly—I am just looking for ways to improve things for my future students.

How much total time (in hours) did you spend reviewing/studying for the AP Psychology exam?

State your initial reactions to the Multiple Choice section of the exam. Explain why you think you had this reaction.

State your initial reactions to FRQ #1 section of the exam. What was it that you liked or did not like? Explain why.

State your initial reactions to FRQ #2 section of the exam. What was it that you liked or did not like? Explain why.

What score did you think you may be receiving? (circle one) Just guess.
 1 2 3 4 5
What types of preparation did you do? This may include reviewing the following. Circle all that apply.
  • the text
  • your notes and papers from the year
  • the previous exams we took
  • Barron’s Review Book
  • Princeton Review Book
  • Princeton Review Cards
  • A different review book (if so, which)
  • Oral review with self or friends
  • Online review with non-class sources
  • Using the class review resources
  • In-school review
  • Review session(s) with the instructor
  • Other (please list below)
What type of review mentioned above was most helpful? Please explain.


What recommendations for change would you make for our preparation for the exam? I’m looking for constructive suggestions. Feel free to make suggestions about the course, the organization of the course, what we did and how we did it. Use bullet points.


What advice would you give to future students in AP Psychology so that they may be successful both in the class and on the AP exam? Use bullet points.



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