Sunday, May 6, 2012

Last minute AP mnemonics

This was created by a student in Maria Vita's class. (Twitter: @MariaVita1)
 Here are some student and teacher-created mnemonics that may work great for a last-minute review for your AP Psych students. From my perspective, some of them are awesome and some not so, but that's always true of mnemonics. Check out the mnemonics here:

Also, one final reminder about using #appsychreview on Twitter - please encourage your students to post questions they have, but please DO NO encourage them to post questions that could be answered easily by looking in the glossary or index of their textbooks. We've had some terrific questions in which students are asking about the difference between two terms, or ways to remember a term, but we've also had a number of questions along the lines of "What is unconditional positive regard?" If they need to use a computer, it's more efficient to look up that term on Wikipedia than to wait for an answer via Twitter.

Good luck to everyone on the AP tomorrow!
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