Wednesday, May 30, 2012

TV Alert--Psych Week 2012--June 3-8

Did you know that psychology is all about mental disorders?  It is, according to Discovery Health Channel that is.  Personally, I'd love to see some other topics get included, but I suspect that the honchos at Discovery do not equate brains, perception, social psych, and cognition with great ratings, but I am no television executive. 

Check it out at the link below.

It's that time of year when Psych Week airs on the Discovery Health Channel.

Set your Tivos and DVRs to record.  Updates on January (and her family), the seven-year-old schizophrenic and others who suffer greatly at the hands of a variety of disorders.  Check the link for the schedules for you locally.  Looking forward to more controversy with some of these disorders.  Check out the web site for more information and activities.

posted by Chuck Schallhorn


Psychology Forum said...

Psychology is about much more than mental disorders! It's about the human mind and how it operates - if there were no mental disorders in the world we would still be studying psychology because we need to know more about the human brain and our feelings and behaviours - its about learning about ourselves.

Mrs. Amy Ramponi said...

The woman from "15 Personalities", Paula, is from my area! She came and spoke to our AP Psych kids last year!

It was awesome!!!!!!!