Wednesday, June 13, 2012

2012 AP Psych exam results

The College Board's head of Advanced Placement programs, Trevor Packer, is on Twitter (@AP_Trevor), and this afternoon he issued eight tweets (posted below) about the results of the 2012 AP Psych exam. I would be curious to know your thoughts about these results and Packer's seemingly odd comments at the end. Did college professors really want it to all be multiple choice originally? First I've heard of that, but I'm certainly not that knowledgeable about that time period. And has there indeed been a shift in the perception of professors about the free response section? Alas, Mr. Packer seems to see Twitter primarily as a one-way communication device, as to this point he hasn't replied to Twitter users who've questioned him.

Regardless, I'd love to hear your thoughts/comments/feedback on the results and/or the other comments.

--posted by Steve
(who really IS working on a post about the AP reading!)

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Rob McEntarffer said...

Well done - I regret that I sent this in an email to the AP Psych list instead of just posting it here - that would have been a much better choice :(