Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Give me one psychologist

I know many THSP readers only indulge in high-brow culture, so when I encounter something psychology-related in the world of reality TV, I know I have to share it.

ABC's Big Brother knock-off, The Glass House, aired its second episode this past Monday, and part of the drama involved a young woman named Holly. In the first episode, Holly confessed to the camera that she was a psychology major in college, but that the didn't want to let her housemates know - because that would, you know, automatically tip them off that she was a clever player who would outsmart them all. She instead claimed to be an art history major.

In the second episode, however, she begins to annoy some of the others, and when a woman asks her about her art history major, she revealed that she clearly knew nothing about art, and she confessed to being a psychology major. (Note: the woman seems to say "Sixteenth Chapel" here, which puts her in the same boat as Justin Bieber, apparently.)

Her housemates say, okay, fine - tell us about the biggest paper you wrote in psychology. When Holly is unable to do this, a woman follows up with this: "Give me one psychologist and their viewpoint. Just one."

I won't spoil it, but you really should watch the two-minute clip below for the answer. (If the clip doesn't load, go here:

--posted by Steve


Charleen said...

That's great!! Thanks!

Chuck Schallhorn said...

I so hope this is not representative of psych majors. Oh my, I cringed at the end of this. Aaaarrrggghhhhh!!!!

Mrs. Amy Ramponi said...

You just made my day. Love it!

Jennifer King said...

While I cringed at her inability to recall any information, I still found myself laughing.

Psychological Evaluation said...

You have just changed my thinking about woman psyche.

Nean said...

I laughed so hard. Still laughing. This will be the introduction to the semester assignment, and I'm titling it: Don't Be Like Holly! I love this. Thank you.