Sunday, August 12, 2012

Summer connections

The service learning trip to Cambodia was full of great moments. Many can be related to psychology terms, text, and ideas.  For example:

The rice fields below is farmed by a widow, the mother of a cook at the orphanage we visited. The care and cultivation is more than she can manage, so about 20 came to help her in the rice process. The rice was in the stage where it needs to be thinned, thus it is pulled (with roots) out of the ground, dries for 2 days, then is replanted spaced further apart.

 First, we were there to help pull out, what we called "unplanting." Our Khmer friends gave us a demonstration, emphasizing the importance of keeping the roots attached for the replanting.
"Why, this doesn't look so hard!" we thought, slowly baking in the hot sun with mud oozing through our toes.  Seemed like some good observational learning would do the trick.

As you can see in this picture, things then shifted to shaping.  There were many successive approximations that were rewarded prior to the official process.

Below: sunrise at the child rescue center.

--posted by Nancy Diehl (via Steve)

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