Saturday, April 6, 2013

FREE!! Join the world of Massive Open Online Course- MOOCs

Millions of users from around the world have signed up for an ever-expanding menu of courses offered for free from over 70 leading colleges and universities.  Coursera and EdX are the two of the most popular.

Weekly lectures are available in short clips of 10-20 minutes, additional reading is specified, and how much you participate or not is up to you.  There are all kinds of optional supplements for additional learning. The breadth of topics is tremendous with several psychology related classes on offer.

Above is a screen shot of my current status on Coursera. Behavioral economist (most content is directly related to psychology) Dan Ariely teaches the first course, and Scott Plous of the Social Psychology Network, which has fantastic teaching resources, will be teaching Social Psychology.

 Happy free learning!
(This weeks lecture was, in part, about the special case of "free" and how that impacts consumer behavior. Note learning is applied in the title of the post.)

posted by Nancy Diehl

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