Saturday, April 20, 2013

Free on-line HIGH QUALITY Video Lectures

What sets this apart from other free on-line lectures? 

First, the engaging video micro-lectures that reinforce topics taught in a typical AP class. Second, the level of specificity makes it incredibly easy to review a specific topic. Clips are about 5 minutes long, but each topic is clearly labeled so teachers and/or students can easily target attention to a specific area.
Third, transcripts are a click away for those who prefer reading. Finally, there are quizzes for each section.

Other courses are available, so looking around the site might prove useful for teachers of other topics. The Education Portal is committed to a no cost model of on-line education. 

Please feel free to make a comment about your impressions or post how/if you will use this resource.

Thanks Sara I. for bringing this to my attention.
posted by Nancy Diehl

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