Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Twitter-storm about "nonlinguistic representations" and ELL language learning

Well, that was interesting. A few minutes ago I somewhat unintentionally started a lively exchange of ideas via Twitter.

Someone from our state department tweeted from a training session about ELL instruction, and this claim caught my eye:

"Teachers should use nonlinguistic representations to stimulate the right brain when learning language" 

I wondered if the folks at @neurobollocks had written about it, so I mentioned them in a tweet. That opened the flood-gates, and in a good way, I think. If you're interested in following the twitter conversation, check the link below (note: some NSFW language is used in one tweet, and look at the image on the neurobollocks blog closely before you decide to use their blog in class :).

An interesting example of the power of social media to get something discussed in real-time, and I hope this empowered an educator at a meeting to challenge "neuroscience" claims about learning.

posted by Rob McEntarffer

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