Friday, May 2, 2014

Good vibes abound - The AP Psychology test is coming!

The fabulous Dana Melone sent me these pictures and I had to share: she gave her students "magic pencils" with the message "I mustache [must-ask - get it?] you to get a 5" , with a mustache on the other side. Very cool, very cute, very motivational!

What are you all doing to help get your students "up" for the test? Share in the comments if you want to. Good luck to all!

posted by Rob McEntarffer


Ms. Shaver said...

I write each of my kids a card and put in a picture of me and Dr. Zimbardo (from NCSS Washington DC) with a special message! Love the pencil idea!!!

Laurie Smith said...

I give pencils too...but mine says, "Ms. Smith thinks I'm awesome!" I tell them to look at it if they get stressed during the test!

Anonymous said...

I made them locker signs that said, "Put on your thinking cap!" with a wordle picture of the brain. I also added two memes. One was a dog that said "Pavlov...that name rings a bell" and a picture of Freud "Know any good Psychology jokes? I'm a-Freud not". At the bottom of the sign it said, "You'll do great because you're a bunch of..." and I taped a roll of smarties to the poster. They had it on their locker the morning of the test.

Anonymous said...

This is such a great idea! I love it! Would you mind sharing where you got these brilliant pencils? I normally bring all of my students a snack that they can have at break, but this year I'm hoping to do something a bit more creative like this. :)
Although, I'm guessing pencils like this might take a while to ship?