Thursday, May 1, 2014

Speed Dating the Psychologists Review Activity

I had a really fun time last night with the Twitter PD group, #psychat.  Best PD/PLC time I have had since the 2012 Reading in KC.  Steve Jones wrote about it in the fall, but I had never participated.  It is definitely worth you while.  Big smiles all around.  

One of the fabulous review ideas that came from that was from Allison Shaver.  She was kind enough to send it along for me to share with everyone.  You can find her work below.

Thank you Allison!!!!!!!

Speed Dating to Review for AP Psychology Exam:

Day 1: 
·         Have students choose a name from a hat. 
·         That night for homework they should review “their” major contributions to the science of psychology.  And be prepared to share this information quickly in class tomorrow.

Day 2: 
·         Set up your classroom so the desks are facing each other and students can rotate easily from date to date. 
·         Hand out the chart with all names (see attached)
·         Project an online stopwatch and set it to 75 seconds. 
·         Explain that they have 75 seconds TOTAL to date each other, not for each of them to speak.
·         Once everyone has a partner (there many need to be a date of 3 if you have an odd number) let the dating begin.  When the buzzer rings they rotate and the 75 seconds starts again.   
·         Once you have done a full rotation – hold a “cocktail hour” where students can mingle to connect with those they may have missed on a one-on-one date or those they are “interested in” and need more time with.

My students find this to be a great way to review the people they need to be familiar with for the exam.  They walk away with a sheet full of facts and have had fun doing so! 

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions:  @allisonshaver  or

This is not an original idea, but I have tweaked it to work for my classroom – feel free to do the same!


Ms. Shaver said...

Several have asked for the assignment - here is the dropbox link...

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This link is broken. Can you post it again?