Thursday, December 18, 2014

2014 AP exam breakdown

Nancy Diehl and I have teamed up to break down this year's AP Psychology released exam by content areas (see previous posts for the breakdowns of the tests of 2013 and 2012). Remember: these are exams that have been released by the College Board only for teachers through the AP Course Audit site. These are not to be posted online, and we are not doing so - we're just categorizing the multiple choice items.

How can you use this as an AP psych teacher? Well, give one of these exams as a practice exam in your classroom, then use our specifications to evaluate how each student does on each section. You can then use these results to have them focus their review on the areas they need the most help on! (Talk about - dare I say it? - actual data-driven instruction?)

Several of these were almost impossible to fit into just one content area, so Nancy and I are using our best guesses. We've been back and forth on some of the questions a few times ourselves, so I'd be surprised if our guesses were exactly the same as everyone else's - but they're sure to be close. Hope this helps you and your students!

-- posted by Steve


Unknown said...

THANK YOU!!! This is my first year teaching AP and I was about to do the same thing and decided to google search if someone has done it already.

Chris Price
Tahoma High School
Maple Valley, WA

Unknown said...
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