Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Symmetry and Attractiveness: A Demonstration

During the Social Psych unit, I always deal with attractiveness.  One factor that goes beyond the social is the concept of symmetry.  It is said to be an indicator of good health.  That said, none of us have perfectly symmetrical faces.  You can see with the Taylor Swift example that the regular face on the left is not symmetrical and that creating symmetry makes people look kind of strange.

When at the Eastern Illinois National Science Foundation Summer Institute, my group studied emotion and examined the idea of taking two left sides and two right sides of someone's face to see which side would be more attractive.  After years of not being able to find anything on it, I ran across a Buzzfeed article that you need to see to believe.

Using just your cursor to mouse over each image, you can some combination of a traditional photo of celebrities and the comparable left-left and right-right.  There are 15 celebrities shown, some with effects more dramatic than others.  That link is here: http://www.buzzfeed.com/omarvillegas/heres-what-15-celebs-would-look-like-if-their-faces-were-sym?bffb

Check it out, you will be amazed.  It is also a great and simple demo for class regarding how each of us may have a "good side"--especially when it comes to selfies. ;)

posted by Chuck Schallhorn

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