Friday, November 28, 2014

TV Alert: Sleepless in America on National Geographic

This Black Friday morning, I am watching tv, surfing the web, and avoiding crowds.  I found this commercial about an upcoming show related to sleep.
The website says:
In an unprecedented partnership, NGC along with The Public Good Projects and NIH, America’s foremost scientific authority, will draw the nation’s attention to the science of sleep — a topic fundamental to our collective well-being.
The link to the site with several other video clips is here:
Topics include highway hypnosis, sleep deprivation, sleep after combat, fatigue, and more.

The episodes airs at 8 pm and 11 pm Eastern, 5 pm  and 8 pm Pacific time.

posted by Chuck Schallhorn


Daria Schaffeld said...

My librarian bought this for me and I watched it this morning. It is awesome! Using it next year for sure. 90 very worth minutes.

Daria Schaffeld said...

My librarian bought this for me after seeing this post and it is amazing. 90 very worth minutes - showing it next year!